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its time to treat people like people...not commodities

Welcome to everle™.

The first social networking platform that puts its members' data privacy and mental health...above everything else. 

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a profile and feed reimagined...

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a new level of freedom.

no number chasing
no influencing
no followers

reconnect with what matters most. 

a feed that only shows you who and
what you want to see...and 
nothing more

Where authenticity and genuine connection matter most. 

a quiet retreat from the noise of mainstream social media

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introducing gather...

Where, together, we are building safe, connected, communities.

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discover existing
gather groups or
start your own

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keep your communities organized and stay up to date on events and conversations

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gather for community support, connect with friends/family and join
 interest-based chats

all within a data private space designed to build genuine and authentic connections 

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and at any moment, touch our everle™ icon to be directed to mental health resources on demand

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we our committed to our transparent privacy policy and will not share nor sell our members' data...ever

welcome to true data privacy 

ready to join the beta? 

Sign up now to get early access to everle's ongoing beta. It's not just another social network, it's a social revolution. 

You're in for launch!

one step closer to social freedom.

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